“Listen closely. The next voice you hear will be a new one. Newer than new. A coy, edgy, imaginative voice. A shivery, fugitive voice, barely touching the notes, entering and departing the ear without leave.”
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The voice belongs to Joy Mover. She is very different; provocative, thoughtful, intersting. To follow her song is to exercise the mind. Sometimes easy and fluid, sometimes intricate and challenging, her voice is always… beautiful. Her original compositions possess wit. They are contemporarily ornate and her vocal expression is exciting. On the original, Midnight Oil she is swinging, intense, playful with a good sense lyric and multi-tracking increases the intensity. Have You Ever Loved, Home Sweet Home, Maria’s Song and the paintively punchy and continuing Only the Wind make the world of Joy originals bright, intelligent and percussive. The songs puzzle and provoke. And they quest and seque and curl like a quixotic ribbon.

The storied Nature Boy begins enigmatically like a radio mystery of yore, emerging slowly, opening obliquely. The song has been aged in the wine of time and times and and her voice carries it into the crueler ethers of today, its remedy intact and ever truer. The voice is sylphlike; concurrently wistful and knowing, like an innocent child. At its close you feel somehwat wiser- and satisfied. It’s good to hear it again. Five songs are from antiquity and are either connected with forgotten voices or they were never known by today’s audience. With Joy’s vocals these become new and unique. Corcovado is almost a Latin lullaby, smooth and sultry with a last, breathless rise of voice and flute releasing the song to the guitar. Ask no more of this song that this voice. Three other songs are from the thirties, forties and fifties; she bears them all forward into tomorrow. The insinuative and repetitious Fever disappears in her breathless immersion and emerges newly intricate. A sweet and whispered rap- is that oxymoronic?- surprises into the sublimbe ballad, Till There Was You which she swings with a punchy male backup. And then there’s Dream A Little Dream of Me and what she does with it you’ll have to wait and hear.

Listen… closely.

~ By Ira Sullivan


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