Joy Mover Off To Fine, Sweet Start On Debut CD


I totally dig the cover art. Even a hard charging post bop critic like yours truly likes a little pop of color now and then and that is exactly what you get with the latest release the self titled debut from Joy Mover.

Mover’s a singer/songwriter whose penchant for jazz works far better than some of her contemporaries. Bottom line is I have heard more than a dozen of the singer/songwriter variety whose musical destiny will be happy hour at the local Marriott every Friday night. Mover is clearly not one of the run of the mill lounge lizards and to seal the deal she is joined by a first call band of talent that most singers will never have the opportunity to work with and herein lies the key to the success of this release. A group effort. The band is not an afterthought, they do not play around or behind Mover but instead play “with” her and that makes all the difference in the world. Another key to success is that good singers are a dime a dozen but a singer that is a rock solid lyricist simply raises their game not to mention their odds at success. Mover does both.

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Bill Copeland Music News

Pop jazz chanteuse Joy Mover has released her upbeat, self-titled, debut CD. This disc offers a lot to discerning listeners who prefer their music to be full of numerous influences and tastes. Opening track “Have You Ever Loved?” is a lively mix of Latin rhythms and percussion with show tune energy and exuberance. Co-written with musician John Paul, “Have You Ever Loved” is full of bright, sprightly moments. A lively flute melody flies through the tune like a bird in flight, fluidly moving and chirping prettily. Mover’s voice rests comfortably in a niche between jazz and pop, rangy, trained, experienced but with the flexibility to move into fun pop territory with credibility.

“Maria’s Song” finds Mover singing mellifluously over a synthesized melody, peppy percussion, and adept acoustic guitar to arrive at a whispery glory. Her voice remains easeful, light, and soft while she navigates it through the twisty grooves and skillful instrumentation.

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JOY MOVER: Hmm, Ira Sullivan (who shows up here) bounced you on his knee when you were a kid and your brother, Bob (who shows up here) works with Esparanza Spaulding. The chops list can go on and on but it’s better to listen to this jazz singer that’s been keeping it bottled up for way too long than blather this background stuff. A dazzling debut that mixes pop, originals and chestnuts into a stew where the old seasonings create a new flavor. She’s got so much energy and octane powering her that she should feel free to give up her day job any time she wants as she’s built a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to her door. The real deal throughout.